• Aaron Windham

Guitars For Vets

One of the greatest honors I have had as an educator and musician is to be involved and serve in the Guitars for Veterans program. If you have never heard of the program, you can read more about it at:

I stumbled across this program after following one of my favorite guitarists, Tommy Emmanuel. I saw a post where he was sharing his support for the program and immediately wanted to know more about it. As I began to learn more, I immediately felt the urge to become involved, however, there was no program in the area or even in the state of Mississippi! I then began researching the credentials, got in contact with the program, and was able to help begin the program at the VA in Biloxi with local support from the VA and volunteers.

Each local chapter is completely run by volunteers that want to help make a difference in the lives of Veterans. The program focuses specifically on Veterans with PTSD and how the guitar can help heal wounds for our nation's warriors through the healing power of music. More Veterans have died from suicide since the Vietnam War than have died in actual battle as thousands of soldiers are affected with PTSD. If you would like to support this organization, you can volunteer at a local chapter or donate at

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